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Habits That Promote Eczema Itches

The main cause of eczema is unknown to most people sufferers. They all want to know what causes that itchy redness on their skins and how to get rid of it. Well, one of the leading causes of eczema includes some of our habits that we all seem to have difficulties shaking off.

Habits that promote eczema itches

Spending much time in waterdiseasesrightsdfghn

A well-known fact is that the more time you spend underwater, the less natural oils our bodies will produce and supply them to our skin. When our skin lacks natural oils, it becomes dry and prone to eczema and its symptoms. Avoid partaking water based activities such as sports and swimming for longer hours.

Showering the wrong way

While you can skip going to the beach or the swimming pool, you must not skip your regular showers or else your hygiene will quickly deteriorate. Make sure your showers last for no more than 10 minutes. Also, make sure to avoid showering with very hot water. Regardless of how cold the weather might be, never shower with hot water, as it can contribute to the development of eczema. Instead, use with cold or lukewarm water.

High-intensity physical exercises

As you already probably know, engaging in high-intensity activities and exercises usually leads to the production of gallons of sweat. While sweating, on its own, is usually seen a good thing for our body, it is very bad for those suffering from eczema. When you sweat profusely, the sweat will effectively block off your skin pores and trap all the bacteria and dirt particles within them. This usually leads to the development of acne and eczema and causes strong itching sensations.

Using cosmetics that react with skin

Many people, especially women, have a strong allergy to propylene glycol, which many cosmetic products use as one of their main ingredients. These products can cause severe itching around the nails and the eye area. Therefore, before you start using some eye shadows or nail polishes, make sure they don’t contain propylene glycol. These cosmetics cause allergic reactions.

Scratching yourself

This one is quite simple and obvious. The more you scratch eczema, the more it will itch. To fully break that cycle, you will need a proper treatment to deal with eczema. But, if you keep scratching, no treatment can be fully effective. Therefore, to deal with eczema in the quickest and most effective manner, try to avoid scratching as much as you can.

Using wrong soaps

diseasesleftsdfghjThe majority of mainstream soaps are pretty bad for those who are suffering from eczema. This is mainly because most of them have properties that make the skin even dryer. For that matter, make sure to avoid soaps that have strong fragrances, as they are the main culprit behind the skin drying effect and issues.